Practice makes permanent. For Year 13 Organic Chemistry


Just perfect. In the eyes of the beholder 125 Cards. Full Colour. Premium Stock. Every card has been designed from a blank canvas. No templates. No generated molecules. 100% original artwork printed in full colour and machine cut and hand packed to fit Science Scribe standards.
Duel or Duet. It takes two to tango
With two sets of Reagent Cards in each box, challenge your friends in a race to play the correct cards to identify unknown compounds. Each box contains:
2 x 9 Game Cards
2 x 21 Reagent Cards
63 Functional Group Cards
2 Utility Cards
New Game Cards! Unleash your potential Correct identification of molecules will allow you to unlock random Game Cards. Game cards give you the ability to gain an advantage over your opponent and recover lost reagents.

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