The product of 73 hours of work. Filmed and uploaded in 4K to the Science Scribe standard.


  • What is Caliburn?

    Caliburn captures the practical component of AS91162 (Chemistry 2.2) in 4K-UHD; that's about 4 times more pixels than a standard BluRay. Clicking through "Practice Sets" opens a pick-a-path scenario towards identifying a cation or anion using a flowchart.


    Reaching the end of a practice ion, or clicking on "The Ions" will open a full practical walk-through and show a completed assessment table.

    Note: as excellence criteria for 91162 were changed in 2015/2016, teachers should communicate their requirements for "comprehensive understanding".

  • Who's Toast?

    Toast is a one year old Golden Retriever; pet of Lian Soh and partner-in-training towards other roles at Science Scribe. Toast's responsibilities include making students feel better, being cute, personal training and attracting the attention of potential baes (apply within).


    Toast is available on instagram as "goldenbaetriever".

  • I am a teacher. What else should I know?

    [Note 1]: Caliburn is based off the flow chart provided by NZQA. Some schools suggest modifying the original flowchart by testing with barium nitrate THEN silver nitrate to avoid the possibility of a sulfate anion forming a precipitate with silver to confuse students.


    [Note 2]: The title of the standard implies that students must carry out a practical. Do not use Caliburn as a replacement for assessment; browsers are also able to "foresee" the target destination of hyperlinks.


    [Note 3]: All solutions have been prepared in a high school laboratory. Concentrations and solution compositions can be found on the respective playlist on my YouTube channel.

Common Questions

Right: Lian Soh and Toast (aka: Golden Baetriever).