• Teaching Background

    Lian completed a BSc majoring in Chemistry through the University of Auckland, New Zealand. While his academic transcript consisted primarily of chemistry papers, a significant proportion of his degree was also devoted to Computer Science and Mathematics. He then transferred these abilities to a Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary) through a TeachNZ Scholarship. He completed both practicum experiences at Auckland Grammar School for Boys and Mount Roskill Grammar School. Lian completed his diploma with "First in Class" in Teaching & Learning Chemistry and was employed by Mount Roskill Grammar for his first two years as a PRT1 and PRT2.

    At the end of Term 1, 2015, Lian accepted that his teachers' salary would never compete with Auckland house prices. He resigned and left for Kuranui College in South Wairarapa where he worked as a sole chemistry teacher. Lian's responsibilities included Acting HoD, Beginner-Level Violin Tuition and Kia Eke Panuku. In 2016, Lian shared his violin, firespinning and fire-breathing hobbies with students at the college.


    Towards the end of five years of teaching, Lian was approached with a number of job opportunities in teaching and education. While he loved his students dearly, he finally decided to leave Kuranui College at the end of 2017 to join the team at sciPAD in Tauranga.

  • Daily Rituals

    A typical day involves waking up at 04:30 am to begin an hour-long lifting routine accompanied by black coffee made with exactly 4 teaspoons of coffee powder. From about 5:30 Lian can be spotted with his 2-year old Golden Retriever, Toast, for an hour long run to cover 5 - 7 km along the Papamoa coastline. This run is repeated later in the evening until a minimum of 27,000 steps and 20 km mileage is met each day. To avoid confusion, just look out for Nike swooshes... on every article of clothing.


    Lian's diet consists of intermittent fasting (one meal a day) and a low-to-zero carb nutrient profile; this means he does not consume potatoes, sweets, rice, bread, noodles, starchy vegetables, alcohol and most fruits.



  • Science Scribe

    Everything you see with the Science Scribe branding is the result of the personal work of Lian Soh. There has been no assistance or affiliation with the Ministry of Education and direct requests for additional support were declined by Education Minister H. Parata in 2015.


    Students and educators at all levels in public schools (and fully privatised schools) are granted permissions to print, photocopy and distribute Science Scribe PDF files for teaching and revision. Private tuition centres and charter schools (and partnership schools) must contact Lian directly to seek clearance. Charter schools should be prepared to make a donation towards a public school in order to attain clearance.

    Khorlium (the card game) may not be copied or reproduced under any circumstance.

    In case of any doubt, you should contact Lian directly. I'm not mean, I promise.

  • Contact - PD, Commissions & Vacancies

    All correspondences should be sent as a Facebook message.
    I do not respond to phone calls or e-mails unless this is done through the sciPAD website.

    At this stage, I offer private tuition in the Papamoa area, Bay of Plenty.

    I am happy to lead and co-ordinate Professional Development opportunities where you are looking for insight into any of the following topics:

    - Teaching & Learning Science/Chemistry

    - Insights: Science Scribe YouTube Data, new resources and locked resources.
    - "Fire Bending" for the new chemistry teacher.

    You may be required to make provisions for my assistants so that an effective session is delivered. You must also seek clearance with Silverback Media before any session can be offered. You may also need to seek clearance with a leadership member in charge of smoke alarms.

    If you require a specific video or resource to be created please contact me through sciPAD.

    Lian is not currently looking to leave Papamoa.











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